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Mental Health and Money Webinar

Learn how to recognize your money and mood patterns and the steps to break the debt cycle.

Mental Health and Money Webinar


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Worrying about finances can have an impact on mental health and affect how you manage your money. HTLF Retirement Plan Services invites you to watch our latest financial wellness webinar, “Mental Health and Money.” Understand how the two influence each other and learn to recognize your money and mood patterns. Improving your mental and financial health will influence how you deal with debt, financial issues, and stress.

This on-demand webinar is a great opportunity to identify steps you can take to break the debt cycle and find solutions to achieve financial success. Don’t miss it!


For full citations and sources, please view the full webinar presentation. This content was recorded in January 2022. The thoughts and information provided regarding investments are those of Brian Kallback, M.A. M.S. CFP® CLU® QPA CTFA, Program Director, Financial Planning & Wealth Management Assistant Professor of Finance at Loras College, and are not advice from HTLF Retirement Plan Services.