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Financial Empowerment Series

Education is key no matter where you are in your retirement journey. Our “Financial Empowerment Series” videos provide quick and easy-to-understand information about different areas of financial education, all meant to help you gain and maintain financial confidence.

Basics of Retirement Planning

Retirement planning basics such as choosing a savings vehicle, underlying investments, assumptions about inflation, Social Security benefits, longevity, and health care expenses during retirement.


A six-step process for creating a budget, along with key money management strategies and a learning exercise that focuses on creating a net worth statement and using it to measure current financial health and progress over time.


A four-step process for becoming an investor, a review of the three major asset classes, socially responsible investing options, and basic investing concepts such as risk versus reward, and diversification. Concludes with an exercise to help determine risk tolerance and implement an asset allocation strategy.

Managing Debt

Understand the difference between good debt and bad debt, learn how to manage credit card debt wisely, interpret and manage credit score, and calculate and improve debt-to-income ratio (DTI).

Social Security

A review of the current landscape of Social Security, facts regarding benefits, industry expectations, what to consider when deciding whether to take benefits earlier or later, and more.

Estate Planning

Six essential things to know about estate planning, including probate, creating a will and beneficiary designations, planning considerations regarding revocable trusts, a durable power of attorney, and healthcare directives.

Asset Allocation

Balance risk and return and become a more effective investor in your retirement plan. Learn what asset allocation is and why it is so important as you build or review your investment portfolio.

Mutual Funds

Understanding how to make different types of investments work for you is essential in building a portfolio that drives growth. Learn more about mutual funds and key benefits in your investment line-up.

To Roth or Not to Roth

Offering multiple benefits for retirement savings, learn about the different characteristics of investing after-tax dollars compared to pre-tax dollars.


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