HTLF Retirement Plan Services
Our Services

We offer customized, all-inclusive retirement plan solutions to help perform complex testing processes, comply with regulatory requirements, support day-to-day plan operations and more.

Trustee Services

Our Elite retirement plan solution greatly reduces your investment duties and liabilities. We offer unbiased discretionary trustee and fiduciary services related to your investments, and we act as a discretionary trustee and serve as an ERISA §3(38) investment fiduciary. We are also responsible for selecting, monitoring, and deselecting core investments.

Our Select retirement plan solution allows you to retain the investment duties while we serve as a directed trustee. You’ll have access to select from more than 25,000 mutual funds, ETFs, CITs, and external money managers.


Custom Plan Design

No two retirement plans are alike and a one-size-fits-all approach is not ideal. The plan must reflect and serve the people and goals of the organization. Our cross-testing expertise allows increased contributions from key employees, and our customized testing solutions often provide more favorable testing outcomes.



An open architecture approach eliminates conflicts of interest and provides high-quality funds and/or collective trusts in each investment category, and a self-directed brokerage link is also available for certain retirement plans.


Targeted Employee Education

Helpful and concise employee education creates a more engaged workforce. Your employees will be equipped with the knowledge to succeed and thrive financially. From future retirement income scenario estimates to a data-driven, educational approach to employee engagement, our commitment to "employee-first" strategies is a proven formula. Educational forums may include group and individual education meetings, virtual meetings, and custom engagement campaigns.


Comprehensive Service and Support

Offering a wide array of 3(16) administrative functions, including distribution processing, Form 5500 preparations, year-end testing, and more, our highly credentialed team members include an ERPA, JD, QPA, APA, AIF, QPFCs, and several QKAs. With the highest level of service, client-focused processes, and plan design and administration expertise, RPS is dedicated to fully supporting you and your team every step of the way.