“We asked numerous providers-both local and national-for solutions to increase personal contributions without utilizing Safe Harbor. All came back with the Safe Harbor solutions, which would have resulted in an increase in employer costs. RPS listened and came back with a strategy that quadrupled the money my brother and I could put in while reducing overall plan expenses by 35%-40% annually.”
- Plan Sponsor


“To avoid failing nondiscrimination testing, RPS proactively analyzed the plan document and payroll information. Adjustments were made to help save approximately $7,000-$10,000 in annual auditing expenses, and enable the highly compensated employees to contribute more into their personal retirement plans without being reliant on their non-highly compensated employees behavior.”
- Retirement Plan Consultant


“We transitioned to RPS about four years ago, and it has been a strong partnership ever since. The team is knowledgeable and always willing to help when needed. We have some very interesting scenarios that come up and the team at HTLF is always up for my challenges. They have adjusted to help meet the needs of our clients and how we do business. I consider our move to RPS to be of great value to our clients and also to us – service, fees, and investment returns have all been favorable for the client.”
- SVP, 401(k) Plan Specialist


“Competitive Advantage! HTLF Retirement Plan Services is hands down the most responsive provider when it comes to responding to audit requests and inquiries. Other large companies take over two weeks to respond and they do not provide a dedicated contact as RPS does.”
- 5500 Auditor of a large retirement plan

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