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Providing an unbiased investment menu gives you confidence you’re getting access to high-quality funds.

Investment Flexibility

Is your current investment advisory relationship free from biases? In an industry often tainted by conflict of interest with investment selection and mutual fund expenses, HTLF Retirement Plan Services is committed to providing full fee transparency and an unbiased process for fund selection. Our open architecture approach offers your plan a powerful combination of mutual funds, CITs and ETFs as investment options. Additionally, we can include Target Date Retirement Funds, professionally managed asset allocation models, and Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts for certain retirement plans.

When reviewing your current investment options, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is responsible for the investment decisions in your plan?
  • What is the process for investment decision-making? Is it well-documented?
  • Who creates, monitors, and ensures compliance with your plan's Investment Policy Statement?
  • Is your plan free from conflict-of-interest in investment selection? For instance, does your plan menu include several or most proprietary funds from your plan provider?
  • Does your plan include outdated fund share classes that increase your liability and potentially increase the fees paid by your participants? If so, why are the funds still in the investment menu?
  • How is your provider being paid for their investment recommendations?

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