Understanding Uncertainty: Risk Management and Your Retirement Plan Webinar

Learn how you can manage investment risk by choosing an appropriate risk management strategy.

Understanding Uncertainty:
Risk Management and Your Retirement Plan Webinar


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All of us are surrounded by fear of risk. When the media discusses investments, so much is driven by what an investor could lose or gain. Some investments are marketed as growth, guaranteed, or safe. What is risk? What risks are relevant in your retirement plan? What is considered investment risk and what is our own behavioral risk? What do you do as a saver to combat the short and long-term risks so pervasive in our society? With the right strategies, you can manage risk and help grow your retirement account over the long term.

By investing for retirement through your employer-sponsored plan, you are helping to manage a critically important financial risk: the chance you will outlive your money. Choosing to participate is just one step in your financial risk management strategy. During the webinar, “Understanding Uncertainty: Risk Management and Your Retirement Plan,” you will discover the steps to consider in managing risk.


For full citations and sources, please view the full webinar presentation. This content was recorded in May 2021. The thoughts and information provided regarding investments are those of Brian Kallback, M.A. M.S. CFP® CLU® QPA CTFA, Program Director, Financial Planning & Wealth Management Assistant Professor of Finance at Loras College, and are not advice from HTLF Retirement Plan Services.